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Abansa System for Automation of Blood Banks


ABANSA® is an information system, developed by VersaMed Internacional®, which is a company specialized in developing information systems for the medical area.

It is the top system on the area, developed to manage all the processes of a Blood Bank.

It is the system that leads to the next step, recording the management of donations, inputs and outputs of inventory, receivers, blood components and all the necessary information to improve the administration and control of Health Centers dedicated to transfusion medicine worldwide. It is designed to be the easiest and safest software solution for blood banks across the continent.

Advance Technology for modern Blood Banks

Features and Benefits


ABANSA® is a customizable system that adapts to the needs of any blood bank. Allows the user to set all data that will be considered by the “Warning Witnesses” as a reference data.

Donation Multitask Form

Through a multitasking screen, ABANSA enables efficient management and total control of Donors. We can easily record the personal details of the donor, such as blood type, RH, DU, as well as his physical and type of donation, which is very important after all for handling statistics, among other things. It also includes the medical history form that is applied to each potential donor. Also it manages the process of extracting the blood, the results of the tests applied to it and the printing of the barcode labels for the bags.

Witnesses of Control

ABANSA® introduces an intelligent and unique feature that we call ‘Warning Witnesses’. These ‘Witnesses’ are kept constantly monitoring all stages of the donation process as they suggest to the user which actions to take. Among other things, the ‘Witnesses’ are responsible for warn the user when any of the requirements for the approval of a potential donor is outside the normal limits. Some of the variables monitored by the ‘Witnesses’ are: the number of days since the last donation, the amount of donations per year, the minimum and maximum age for the potential donor, weight, number of hours without alcohol, among others.

Blood Components

ABANSA® also manage the blood components fractions. With this feature the user has the exact control of blood components extracted from each blood bag. This feature allows the system to handle a complete and detailed inventory of elements by unit and by blood component. ABANSA® allows a complete record of the donors’ extractions. It manages and controls the collection of blood components per units and per volume. Automatically calculates the expiring dates of the blood components according to each case.

Quality Control

ABANSA® offers a high security for identification and classification for the bags of the blood components and for the samples, by printing labels according to the ISBT 128 standard, which raises the quality control of blood banks. ISBT 128 provides a standardized format for labeling, which ensures great control of the product labels with bar codes, and legible critical information such as blood groups, product description, and expiration date. This data is displayed in specific positions on the label. This reduces the risk of confusion that comes when you are using products from multiple sources.

The ISBT 128 standard is used on many health centers in over 50 countries on 6 continents. This standard is approved by the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT) and is managed and promoted by the International Council for Commonality in Blood Banking Automation (ICCBBA), the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and the European Blood Alliance.

ISBT 128    logo_ICCBBA


The System has a lot of reports, such as graphical and statistical reports, both with the most important data that blood banks need. With this feature the user will have within reach of a click all the necessary data for a great management of a blood bank, as well as reports required by the Health Ministries from each one of the respective countries.


ABANSA® manages the inventory for inputs and outputs of the blood bags. It keeps a track of all incoming and outgoing inventory units. It also manages the blood components by exact volume, as well as by units. It keeps a detailed log of outputs, either for transfusion or external sales, at the same time that keeps the log for the receivers of the blood components.

On time Valuable Information

ABANSA® works fully integrated with Probeta®, which is the best-selling Laboratory Information System (LIS) in the whole area. This feature is very important because the results of donors’ tests processed in Probeta®, are automatically recorded in ABANSA®; which means more security and speed control for those results. It is also important because patients registered in Probeta® automatically become part of the database of ABANSA® with all their respective results history. This makes ABANSA® a treasure of information from the first day of installation.

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