Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy the products of VersaMed?

Answer: You can simply contact one of our representatives dialing the number 1.809.241.2883. Another way to contact us is through our Web Site, going to the menu option “Contact Us”, and filling out the appropriate form.

In any case our representatives will assist and guide you through the process of purchasing our products. Contact us to receive information about our plans and offers.

What is the cost for the systems?

Answer: The cost and payment method depend on each type of customer. When you contact us we do an assessment, raising important information about your health center. This allows us to offer the proposal that best fits your chances, so that our systems can be installed in virtually any health center of any size and any size. Contact us today and find out about our great offers.

What is the implementation time for the systems?

Answer: The implementation time depends on each client, because everyone is different. After you give us the required information, our team will develop a detailed work schedule with specific tasks for each period, culminating with the live launch of the systems in your Health Center. Our implementation methodology ensures that the use of human resources and time is granted in the most efficient possible way. By trusting us, you put yourself in the hands of true experts in the field of information systems for the health sector.

Want to learn more about our products and services?

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