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The System for Managing of Clinical Pathology Laboratories

Probeta Patología

The Probeta® Pathology is a system developed by VersaMed Internacional®, to improve the management of Clinical Pathology Laboratories worldwide, using innovative standards used worldwide management.

It has been developed by top professionals in the area of clinical pathology, and it shows up by being the favorite in the whole region.

It is the system that handles everything related to biopsy, cytology, molecular tests, covering all the needs of processing, automation and information technology in clinical pathology laboratories.

Advanced Technology for evolving Laboratories

Features and Benefits

Price and Profitability

We offer several types of licenses of the system, so it can be installed in virtually any laboratory. The Probeta® Pathology is the best in performance and yet has a wide range of possibilities for different laboratories.

Configuration via maintenance of everything that has to do with the tests of Biopsy, Cytology, and Molecular Studies, etc.

It features the management of Patients Orders with ability to bill pathology tests and generate numbers of cases depending on the type of test. This offers a standardized management following international standards for handling cases depending on whether it is a biopsy, cytology, molecular studies, etc.

It handles a complete Historical Record for the Patients.

The System features the editing, validation and search for the patients’ results, including their tests, macroscopic descriptions, microscopic descriptions, operation types, sampling date, date of receipt of the sample, anatomical areas, as well as the diagnostics. All of this has integrated a spell check feature.

Complete management of the results for Cervical-Vaginal Cytology, with all the data concerning: date of last menstruation, the times of given birth, the times of abortion, the times that the patient has had had a C-section, inflammatory reactions, hormonal evaluation, microorganisms found, and the diagnostics, etc.

It also includes the functionalities of the Bethesda Classification System, for classification and realization of reports in Cervical-Uterine Cytology, which is a protocol for pathologists, pathology residents, cytologists and gynecologists. It is established as the international standard for such cases.

It handles results for Molecular Studies with different possible diagnoses and corresponding historical results. Allows pre-configured all possible diagnoses for studies of HPV, which, as we know, is a disease that is increasing in recent years.

The System manage a lot of reports with the data of the frequency for the different cases. It has a powerful search engineering, which allows the system to show the results data in any time range, searching them by diagnostic codes, age, sex, locations, institutions, referring doctors, keywords in diagnosis, Macros and Microscopic descriptions, operation types, preoperative diagnoses, etc. This features opens for the pathologist a wide range of possibilities to meet the incidences of patients, as they manage to improve their professional practice.


It has the broadest clinical history of each patient, as it assigns a unique code for each patient, storing all results that the patient has had in the laboratory.


The system print a wide range of reports, proving to be a powerful tool for the decision making. This is due to its extraordinary structured data store design, which makes it really powerful to incorporate any reports or statistics to be used as a support for your administration team.


It has an intuitive standardized design that makes it extremely easy to operate by any user. It’s a friendly, easy to use, highly reliable and modern system. Its great design, has been praised by all system users.

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