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Acerca de Probeta 4A Management System, developed by VersaMed Internacional®, the leader in developing information systems for the health. It is designed to be the most efficient and operable software solution for national and international clinical labs. It is the integrated system that combines all the needs of the laboratory, providing a real and complete automation of information in all areas, setting a precedent for high standards of data processing and information to support the work of laboratory professionals as well as decisions by its directors.

The keyword to define the Probeta® is: VERSATILITY.

Features and Benefits

It’s so effective in a small lab or in a large laboratory, since the integration of its modules and its structured design guarantee an exceptional performance in any situation, from a single computer to large interconnected networks. The Probeta® is undoubtedly the powerful tool for all processing requirements, automation and information technology in clinical laboratories of the new century.

It is developed according to the standard ISO 9001-2008, which is the international rule for Quality Systems focused on customers’ satisfaction. The System also incorporates the ISO 15189, which is the world standard for processes of Clinical Labs. This feature makes the Probeta® a system fully capable of meeting the requirements of any Lab with any level, also making it a warranty of quality, which will benefit the patients at the end.

To reach those quality standards, Probeta® manages an important feature: Traceability of Samples. This feature consist in tracking the samples and their respective patients’ results at each step of their processing in the lab, beginning when the sample is extracted, all the way to delivering the results to the patients. The system achieves that trough four important modules: The Entry of the Samples at the extraction, The Entry of the Samples to each respective Department, The Delivering of the Results to the Reception Area, and The Delivering of the Results to the Patients. Also, all the information that is saved on these modules it is used to generate reports of tracking, which allows the Lab to measure and reduce the time of processing for the samples, and also to have ready the results for the patients in a faster way.

It has the broadest clinical history of each patient, as it assigns an unique code for each patient, storing all the tests by allowing historical reports make both visual and historical results that the patient has had in the laboratory.

Secure differentiation of orders and samples using barcode technology, these codes also serve to differentiate the samples at the interfaces with the instruments.

The Probeta® is able to upload the results to a web server, and publish them in a secure and trusty way. So both patients, doctors, institutions, as any other authorized user, can access the results from anywhere in the world through the internet. Through our Web Application for Online Results, the patients’ results that are validated and published, can be viewed and printed in any format that the Lab requires. Also there are Administrators Users, who can review and check all the results of the Laboratory from any computer connected to the web and also can have statistics to make important measurements of the traffic of the different kinds of users in the Application.

Interfaces with the instruments of the different brands, which operate in the most efficient way, providing a trusty processing of the patients tests, resulting in automation of the information, which in turn is highly reliable.

In the connections, the System provides bidirectional interfaces, from the instruments to de system, and vice versa. The interfaces are a sensitive part of a Laboratory Information System (LIS), as it minimizes the errors of transcription, while the risk factor is diminished, which is an important part in companies that manage patient test results.

Printing results through reports that are pre-configured, making it easier for users to transcription and typing of patient outcomes.

The widest range of reports and statistical reports made. Reports also graphical reports, proving to be a powerful tool for decision making. On this matter, the system is so powerful that the limit here is your imagination, due to its extraordinary design for storing structured data, which makes it really powerful to incorporate any reports or statistics to be used as a support for decision making.

Customized design, which is configurable according to the preferences of each user, almost a tailored suit to the user. Es un Sistema abierto que se adapta a las necesidades de cualquier laboratorio It is an open system that adapts to the needs of any laboratory.

It is a modern highly reliable and an extremely easy to use system, with an efficient design, while friendly and simple to use. For all these features it has been praised by all system users.

Advantage in price and profitability. We offer several types of licenses of the system, so it can be installed in virtually any laboratory. El Probeta® es el mejor en desempeño ya la vez tiene un abanico de posibilidades para los diferentes laboratorios. The Probeta® is the best in performance and yet has a range of possibilities for different laboratories.

Comparison Table

Features Logo Probeta 2016 Web Others
Comprehensive patient’s medical record. All test data and patient history, complete with charts and statistics development a click.
Differentiation of samples with barcode printing.
Wide range of reports and statistical reports.
Bidirectional connection interfaces with autoanalyzers, any brand or any model.
It is an open, versatile, to suit any type of laboratory, large, medium or small.
Accounts Receivable module for patients, and insurance institutions.
Treasury management, cashiers and branches, with management of all matters relating to records and other.
Developed by experts in Systems development and a unique experience in clinical labs.

Technical Features

  • Probeta® is a client-server system that runs in any available version of MS Windows.
  • Full compatible with Windows XP, Windos Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and with every version of Windows Server (2012, 2008, 2003).
  • The platform to manage the Database is MS SQL Server (full compatible with MS SQL Server 2012, 2008, 2005 y 2000).
  • The System doesn’t require high resources from the server nor the terminals computers, to work on an optimal way. Any computer with at least 1 GB of RAM can run Probeta®
  • It has been proved the good performance in virtualized environments, also on thin clients, remote desktops and networks VPN.
  • It is a multi-user system, fully configurable to the request of the customers.
  • It’s a multi-tasking, multi-language and multi-enterprise system.
  • It connects with any instrument analyzer that allows interface with an LIS, both on a bidirectional or unidirectional connection, regardless of the brand, model or manufacturer.
  • It’s capable of interfacing with any management system for clinics or hospitals (HIS) via an application called POP® (which is a processor of patients’ orders). The POP is an interface between any Hospital Information System (HIS) and Probeta®, regardless of the platform for the database or the operating system in which the HIS is installed.

Clients Testimonials

Our laboratory network is diverse. It has large, medium and small laboratories. Every time the system has an outstanding performance, which shows its level of versatility to adapt to different situations that we face any day.

Lic. Maritza Aquino Lab Director, Centro Médico Cibao

The confidence that the system gives to us is really outstanding. Additionally, VersaMed staff provide us a first class technical support.

Elizabeth Ovalle Administrator, Diagnosis

We are very happy with Probeta®.

Lic. Hilda Alba Lab Director, Centro Médico Guadalupe

For a long time we were looking for an integrated laboratory information system (LIS), but nothing suited us, until one company called VersaMed International managed by young professionals, developed an excellent computer program for laboratories: Probeta®. In addition, the response time of tech support is really minimal.

Dr. Nicolás Cantisano CEO, Pedro Jorge Blanco Lab.

Our institution has acquired Probeta® system. This is a reliable, fast and very user friendly system.

Lic. Gilda Tolari Lab Director, Plaza de la Salud Hospital

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